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 Daily Tuning

Daily Tuning Your voice —–

Elvis said many times in interviews about what he was doing to maintain his voice.  The first thing he quickly and instinctively would say was that he “tuned his voice everyday.” (And he exercised everyday.)

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Voice tuning must be done everyday, ideally for an hour.  Most singers that are serious vocalize for an hour. Some serious performers break up the hour to two times a day, once at 7AM and once in the late afternoon. After about two weeks you will see your results when you talk.  If you stop tuning you will loose the quality effects. This daily tuning conditions your subconscious (and the vocal muscles) making it easy to hit the notes with precision, great tones, and expression.

Singing songs is not the same as tuning your voice and will not build your voice. Songs develop your muscle memory. They stay within a range and note sequences in a song repeat.

Tuning your voice builds up the muscles used in singing. It makes the subconscious condition to the notes used when tuning.

You can tell Elvis tuned his voice before a performance. When he speaks right before going on stage you can hear him talk with a nasal/chest tone and it sounds very musical. You can only get this way by tuning up the voice for an hour plus. There is video of him coming to a rehearsal at the International Hotel in Las Vegas with the orchestra waiting where he starts singing perfectly first song with great intonation. He doesn’t stumble tuning up on the first 3 or 4 songs with video rolling. He “takes care of business” and he comes with his voice totally prepared, tuned.

Frank Sinatra believed so much in tuning his voice every day that he wrote a book on it

Lady Gaga can be seen tuning her voice before a performance while they are doing her hair.

You don’t know how to play a keyboard or piano;

        Stage and TV entertainer Robert Goulet was playing notes on the piano when an interviewing reporter came in. The reporter said play something. Robert replied he can’t play a thing on the piano, he was just using the piano to tune his voice.

Make or order a MP3 covering your voice range … for tuning your voice while driving, cooking etc.

Make or order a MP3 covering your voice range … for tuning your voice while driving, cooking etc.

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