Open configuration options
1 Tune your voice several times in the day, and especially right before the performance. You can tune your voice when you are driving or before you leave.

2 Stretch. Do Yoga several times during the day if possible. Do one set as close as you can in time to the performance.

3 One hour before do breathing exercises.

4 Drink an extra portion of wheatgrass for an energy boost.
Open Expects … configuration options
1. Singing in tune to the notes of the scale

2. Singing emphasis on a consistent beat in the verses

this is Music not a speech. People want to hear a beat in your singing. A rhythm. Emphasize a down beat. This is done by going up in volume one level for one beat (ie. level 5 to level 6)

3. Words exaggerated – Ball in the mouth, enunciate big your words

4. Pleasant tones – use nasal registers, back palate, breath =balloon

5. Volume changes – minor changes of volume inside verses and changes of volume louder or softer amongst the various verses. There are ten levels of volume. People appreciate when a singer changes between the levels even though they might not realize it. This is a sign of a quality singer. In many slow songs there are several subtle volume changes in just one verse.