To get to an excellent level at anything – you need to spend 10,000 hours engaged in that endeavor. 10,000 hours divided by 8 hours a day is 1250 days (3.4 years). This is confirmed by many very successful people. Remember this point.

When listening to a song, note the BPM, and the key before practicing a song.  Sing along with artist with the song playing at a slower speed.  Then listening only to artist singing without the background music.  Loop verses when practice singing in order to concentrate your listening analysis and your accurate expression singing.

Sing listening to your voice and artist voice at same time and at normal speed while recording your voice. Then, listen to your voice recording.   Your expression should sound very close to the original artist.  Pay attention to his inflections.

When practicing a set of several songs always sing each song two or three times before moving on to the next song  Sing multiple songs in sequence (a set)  with little break between songs.

The song of the Day – sing one song ten times, consecutively, one song after the other.


Buy cheap 61 key keyboard  know chords for tuning voice  Play chords of songs to backing tracks.   Memorize song chord changes.  When laying the chords solo, put on a drum beat and play alone with it.


Frank talking bout his voice tuning book




Cubase 12  for singing practice

Spectra Layers  program to produce backing tracks from original songs

Connect  program to practice with others at different locations
Do it all day!  Listen to Elvis talk … he was always slightly singing his speech …